Guess who

So I’m back but only briefly as work beckons and I’ll be gone for most of the evening.

I’m a little disappointed as when the trial broke for lunch Ezra’s lawyer had just completed laying a mine field for Awan. I wasn’t able to attend the afternoon session but I recommend you visit Blogwrath, also in attendance, who will be writing it up in more detail than I have time to do here. However all was not lost as K and I did get invited to lunch with Mark Steyn, and I can think of no more pleasurable way to spend a winter’s afternoon.

Awan’s cross examination was interesting to observe as he fought but often failed to mitigate the very testimony he gave during the Macleans/Steyn BCHRT hearing ending with a bizarre explanation that essentially said the use of “we”  in his testimony meant whatever he wanted it to mean at any given moment, so long as it did no damage to his case of course. Of further note is that the complaints filed against Macleans/Steyn in each of Ontario, BC and federally at the CHRC were virtual carbon copies of each other without substantive difference. This will work against Awan as those familiar with the case will understand.

I hope to be able to attend tomorrow’s full session. It should be interesting, testifying for Awan will be notorious anti-Semite Greg Felton.

Sock’s Appeal – At any rate, I was surprised to settle in this morning, and hear Awan and his counsel, Brian Shiller, devote so much of his examination in chief to the original 2006 Maclean’s excerpt of America Alone (personally autographed copies available here), and Awan’s “shock” at my flagrant “Islamophobia”, etc. But I got used to it pretty quickly. Having flopped out at the Ontario “Human Rights” Commission, the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission and the British Columbia “Human Rights” Tribunal, Awan sees this case, in effect, as his appeal. Despite three strikes, he’s not out.