Karachi residents refuse to get children vaccinated against polio

A policeman stands guard as a member of a polio vaccination team administers drops to a child during a door-to-door vaccination campaign in Karachi

Karachi, Pakistan: Despite Sindh government’s efforts to carry out an anti-polio drive, many residents of Gabol Town refused to have anti-polio drops administered to their children, Express News reported on Sunday.

They also misbehaved with health workers administering polio vaccines and strictly forbade them from vaccinating their children.

In the wake of attacks on polio teams in the city, the provincial government had decided to launch day-long anti-polio campaigns in the ‘high risk’ areas.

The Sindh government imposed ban on motorcycle riding in the area where the campaign is being conducted. Hundreds of police personnel, commandos and Rangers personnel have been deployed for the security of the polio teams.

Earlier, District Central deputy commissioner had announced that parents would face arrests without a warrant if they refused to have polio vaccines administered to their children during the drive in the district. However, no arrests have been made so far.