UK: Conservatives worry over UKIP

The Cathedral (the Powers That Be, the establishment) is getting worried. Too many people are not knuckling under. The anti-immmigrant parties in Europe are a special worry.

A UK Conservative MP writes in The Telegraph:

…Clearly, immigration is a more important issue to UKIP voters.

If the Tories are to bring back enough of these voters to win an overall majority at the election, there needs to be a clearer narrative on immigration, stressing not only the need to restrict numbers, but also to determine which individuals, with what skills, enter our country.

While Conservative policy has concentrated on getting down the net migration numbers, it is actual numbers that affect school places, housing and health. The Conservatives must ditch this statistical nonsense.

Likewise, even if numbers came down and all were economic refugees from Somalia, what has been gained? We need to control how many and who comes into Britain. That will help to ensure that we get the right kind of migration for our needs.
But it is not simply a matter of policy – it is also a matter of attitude. Name-calling – the accusations that UKIP activists or representatives are “cranks” or “crackpots” – is ill-advised and counter-productive. Many decent and patriotic people have been willing to consider flirting with UKIP.

We should not insult their motivations by denigrating their voting choice. Rather, we should point out the unavoidable consequences of a vote for UKIP, particularly in the coming general election.

A sudden realization! Calling people names is not the way to go. True, many are still happy to do that, but the economic small-c conservatives are gradually noticing how many people are opposed to mass immigration.

It is not necessary for UKIP to be elected (unlikely in the general UK election); the mere threat of them draining votes concentrates minds.

A party like this is what is lacking in Canada and the USA. Our so-called conservatives are beholden entirely to the wealthy and large corporations, all of them favouring an endless stream of cheap labour (illegals in the USA, “temporary foreign workers” in Canada).

Oh, they tell you, these new immigrants will assimilate just like the ones from Europe did once steamships made the trip safe in the latter part of nineteenth century. Everything will be fine. You can op-eds saying just this in The New York Times and The Globe and Mail and so on.

Those op-eds leave some facts out: the immigration was almost completely halted in the early 1920’s and did not resume until the 1960’s, giving a long period of time for this assimilation to take place. Another fact conveniently left out: some of the immigrants are from cultures that tolerate others poorly. Yes, you know who I am talking about.

Find me a country that is not 100% Muslim where everyone gets along fine. Even the 100% Muslim countries have trouble if there is a mix of Sunni and Shiite.