Libya news: Early results of assembly elections announced

Libya is 100% Sunni Muslim. It is not doing very well, as you know. True, it does have some ethnic groups other than Arabs which are causing “community cohesion” problems, but the leaders of the West are very optimistic that all these countries with squabbling ethnic groups are destined to move along the path to modern democracy. They have attempted to hold elections in Libya:

Libya’s electoral commission Saturday announced the preliminary results from polls for an assembly to draw up a new constitution, although 13 of 60 seats remained vacant after unrest in several areas stopped voting.

The election to choose the body to draft a new constitution had been billed as a milestone in the country’s transition from the 42-year dictatorship of Muammar Qaddafi, but failed to spark enthusiasm among voters.

Political parties were not officially represented at the vote, which was organized on February 20, and only individuals were allowed to present themselves as candidates.

Early results suggested liberal candidates did well in the capital Tripoli and the eastern city of Benghazi, which has been a hotbed of Islamist unrest since Qaddafi’s ouster in October 2011.

But the electoral commission said voting had not taken place in 93 out of some 1,600 stations because of unrest and a boycott by minority groups in some areas.
As well as the 11 seats left vacant because of violence, another two seats reserved for the Berber minority will remain empty after the community boycotted the vote in protest at the absence of mechanisms to guarantee its cultural rights under a future constitution.

The General National Congress, the country’s highest political authority, will decide what to do with the 13 vacant seats, the commission’s president Nuri al-Abbar said.
Six seats on the assembly were reserved for the minority Tuareg, Toubou and Berber communities, as well as another six for women.

It is encouraging that liberal candidates did well, even in Benghazi. This confirms what I have been noticing for some time now. Even in 100% Muslim countries, there are majorities are do not want sharia and heavy-duty Islam (see: Egypt).

But the trouble with Islam is that even a small number of people can create huge problems because they will resort to violence, sanctioned by their scriptures.

The other problem for Libya is the minority ethnic groups. So here is an example of a 100% Sunni Muslim country that is barely functioning. Oil exports have nearly stopped. The federal government has no other source of funds. Large areas of the country are controlled by tribes and ethnic groups.

The Muslim world as a whole is so pathetic it is beyond belief that so many “elites” think they can assimilate them in the West.