HuffPo: The week’s top ten stories that actually mattered

Don’t get distracted by stuff in the Ukraine or Venezuela; here are the top ten important stories:

  • 1. This Infographic Proves The Oscars’ Diversity Issues Are Worse Than You Thought
  • 2. Syria Crisis: A Palestinian Plea From Yarmouk Refugee Camp
  • 3. Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law Prompts International Aid Cuts
  • 4. Taliban Schoolgirl Target Malala Backs FGM Campaign In Britain
  • 5. Al Jazeera Launches Worldwide Day Of Action For Detained Journalists
  • 6. Seth Rogen Testifies Before Congress On Alzheimer’s Research
  • 7. After Death Row in Texas, I’m Fighting to End the Death Penalty
  • 8. To Save Endangered Tortoises, Conservationists Deface Their Shells
  • 9. The Truth About The Death Penalty … And What You Can Do About It
  • 10. Obama Unveils ‘My Brother’s Keeper,’ Opens Up About His Dad, Drugs And Race