Crimea Special Forces disputes claim of attack

Unidentified gunmen block a road to the military airport at the Black Sea port of Sevastopol in Crimea, Ukraine, Saturday

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said “unidentified armed people who were sent from Kiev” tried to take control of Crimea’s Interior Ministry headquarters early Saturday in a “treacherous provocation” that induced casualties, but a top Crimean special forces official has denied there was an attack, as have neighbors whose windows overlook the building.

Vladimir Krashevsky, a top official at the Simferopol-based division of the local berkut, or riot police, said there was no such attack by Kiev-allied gunmen on the Ministry of Internal Affairs building, where he gave an impromptu press conference Saturday afternoon.

“There was no attack here and there won’t be one,” he said.

Five people who live in the buildings next to the Interior Ministry in Simferopol that was allegedly attacked said everything was peaceful Friday night and they heard nothing.

One woman with a window onto the scene said pro-Russia demonstrators gathered there on Friday and began chanting “boss!” to demand the appearance of the local Interior Ministry chief. She said the demonstrators reappeared Saturday morning, where they remain, but she noticed no ruckus or firefight during the night.

There were no signs of struggle at the building complex—all the windows and gates remained intact—and pro-Russia activist militiamen stood outside with riot shields painted as a Russian flag. Alexander Shuvalov, the commander of the militia, which has been watching over the building complex, also said there had been no such attack.

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The thing to remember is that Putin & Co lie like prayer rugs.  Those guys in the photo are just on a Saturday outing.