What’s that nonsense about NCCM forerunner CAIR-Can never having had a relationship with CAIR USA?

Update: So far I have about 2 dozen screen captures which explicitly state that CAIR-Can was the Canadian office of US based CAIR. The NCCM has denied ever having a relationship with CAIR USA while operating under its old name of CAIR-Can. Further all of the screen captures are of press releases from CAIR-Can that were handled, issued and subsequently archived by CAIR USA on their US site. Now that does seem odd no?

Exhibit A The “Canadian Office”

Exhibit B “… said Dr. Sheema Khan chair of CAIR’s Canadian office (CAIR-CAN).”

Exhibit C – “WHAT: On April 30, the Canada office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) will host its annual fundraising dinner in Toronto.” PS. There’s lots more…