Rise of Euroskeptic parties could put peace in Europe at risk, German foreign minister claims

The rise of Euroskeptic parties is a “worrying development” for the European Union which has helped keep peace for the past 50 years, the German foreign minister has warned.

Warning against the type of “nationalism” which caused the First World War, Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the European Union had convinced countries to “get together, politically” after years of conflict.

Speaking on his first visit to London since being appointed in December, he warned, when asked about Tory Euroskeptics calling for Britain to exit the EU, that this route could have “dangers”.

But the minister gave a glimmer of hope to David Cameron by saying Germany is not against the principle of changing EU treaties to return some powers to national parliaments.

Mr Steinmeier warned politicians not to “backtrack” on what had been achieved through European integration and said the run-up to the 1914-18 war showed the importance of close ties.

Yes, we are all aware of the UKIP party’s warmongering talk. They are constantly talking about invading neighbouring states. It really reminds me of pre-WW I.

Seriously, how stupid can these politicians get? The only fighting that is likely to increase now is fighting between wildly different cultures in Europe, caused by mass immigration, to which the idiotic politicians remain firmly committed.