Pakistan launch of Taliban shooting victim Malala’s book cancelled over fears of terror attack

The launch of Malala Yousafzai’s memoir – I Am Malala – has been cancelled in her home province in north-west Pakistan amid fears that the event could be targeted by the Taliban.

The police have reportedly stated that they would not be able to provide security for the launch in Peshawar.

Malala was shot and wounded in October 2012 after opposing the Taliban’s restrictions on the education of girls.

Malala was treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and has since made the UK her permanent home.

In her book, written with British journalist Christina Lamb, Malala details her extraordinary story and her continued role as an activist.

However, she is not universally liked in Pakistan, with some people suspecting that she is being used as a mouthpiece by the West. Pressure to cancel the book launch also came from local government ministers.

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Which makes me wonder: are the Pashtuns of Pakistan and Afghanistan the absolute most retarded, stone-age culture on Earth? I think they might be.

In addition to the above story, consider this photo from Afghanistan, captioned “An Afghan girl struggles to handle a wheelbarrow as she waits for food donations from the World Food Program in Kabul”

The photo seems to capture the utter poverty of the place. They are talking big, Karzai will not sign the agreement with NATO (as if we would be worse off if we just left). Yet they cannot even feed themselves with outside help.