State and province stereotypes!

The popular Twitter account @Amazing_Maps tweeted the below map, which shows Google autocomplete results for the query “Why is [state] so.”

New York and California are taken to task for being too expensive, while Illinois is called corrupt and Louisiana is called racist. The only states that come out looking okay are Oregon (“Why is Oregon so good?”) and Massachusetts (“Why is Massachusetts so smart?”).

I repeated the experiment for Canada and Australia. Click on title of this post to see the rest.

Nothing comes out very well: two, Prince Edward Island and the Northwest Territories, returned nothing in autocomplete. Otherwise, we are cold, poor, corrupt, sparsely populated, foggy, or, in Ontario, populated. And in BC, expensive.

Australia is predictably dry, hot and prone to bush fires in places, although Tasmania is cold, and the most interesting thing about New South Wales is its name. Why is it called that anyway?

Not sure about the controversial and backward states.  You might get different results if you are using Google from Australia rather than from Canada.

Finally, I repeated it for the Anglophone countries of the world and found that America is violent, Canada is great, Australia is special, New Zealand is good at rugby, Ireland is green and the UK is expensive. You may get different results depending on where you are located.