Hollywood’s new blacklist

The pro-fracking film, FrackNation, has been banned from the Frozen River film festival in Minnesota.

It was scheduled to appear, but organizers gave it the boot. One of their excuses was that its funding was tied to the oil and gas industry. But, in fact, FrackNation was crowd-funded on the Internet. More than 3,000 individuals chipped in to come up with the film’s $200,000 budget. And each one of them is listed in the credits. It couldn’t be more independent or transparent.

Contrast that with many politically motivated documentaries on the left — including the famous anti-fracking propaganda movie Gasland. That film was funded by a host of professional environmental lobby groups. It even had an employee of Venezuela’s state-run film agency working to produce it — someone employed by an OPEC government with an interest in stopping U.S. oil and gas.