Mosaic of diversity alert: Ottawa home takeover suspect linked to terrorism

One of the eight people arrested in a shocking home takeover is also suspected of having links to terrorism.

Sources confirmed to the Ottawa Sun on Friday that Ismail Barkhadle, 23, is suspected of having ties to terrorist activities.

Barkhadle is suspected to know Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, who is accused of being part of a homegrown terror cell in Ottawa.

Investigators with Project Samossa alleged at the time of Alizadeh’s 2010 arrest, alongside several others, that they’d been involved in a plot to build and detonate bombs in Canada.

They are also accused of helping raise money to fund Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. A top RCMP officer said at the time the men posed a “real and serious threat” to Ottawans and national security, and their arrests prevented bombs from being built and attacks carried out.