UK: Rickets soar as children stay indoors

The number of children suffering from rickets – once associated with Victorian poverty – is on the rise, with a fourfold increase in sufferers in the last ten years.

New figures from the NHS show there were 833 hospital admissions for children suffering from the condition which is caused by a lack of Vitamin D in the financial year 2012-13.Ten years earlier the figure was just 190.

Some experts fear that parents obsessing about protecting their children from sunlight, which boosts the body’s level of the key vitamin, has led to the rise.

It is also thought that children spending more time indoors on computer games, more parents driving their kids to school and fewer children taking cod liver oil capsules have all contributed to the rise.

The disease, which causes brittle bones and deformities, was common in 19th century Britain but was all but wiped out by improvements in nutrition.

Now it is thought that a fear of contracting skin cancer could be making parents too cautious and be partly responsible for the upsurge in Rickets.