Report: Baird Mad At Nigeria Over Anti-Gay Law – Not A Word About Christian Persecution Or Islamic Child Marriage

Baird was so mad about Nigeria’s new anti-gay law he is reported to have cancelled a scheduled visit by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.

Funny though, not a word from Baird about Christian persecution in Nigeria, nor its quaint cultural practice of child marriage. In 2012 we gave 51 Million in aid to Nigeria. So Christian persecution and child marriage must simply be internal matters… and none of our business, but here have some more tax payer money.

In fact Canada gave aid to multiple Muslim nations that persecute Christians and Gays, some whose penalties on conviction include stoning to death for being homosexual.

Nigeria — Death penalty for men and whipping and/or imprisonment for women in 12 northern Nigerian states. Up to 14 years in jail in the rest of the country. 51 million in aid.

Afghanistan — Imprisonment for being Gay. 163 million in aid.

Bangladesh — Fines and up to 10 years in prison. 96 million in aid.

Comoros — Fine and a jail sentence of up to five years. 1.4 Million in aid.

Iran — Death penalty. 2 Million in aid

Libya — Up to five years of jail time. 14 million in aid

Mauritania — Death penalty by public stoning. – 7 million in aid.

Pakistan — Between two and 10 years in prison. – 73 Million in aid.

Somalia — Possible death penalty by stoning in southern parts of the country; elsewhere, a jail sentence of up to three years. 53 Million in aid.

Sudan/South Sudan — Five years in prison, life imprisonment, flogging, and/or death penalty, South Sudan — Fine and up to 10 years in jail. 83 Million in aid.

Tanzania — A minimum prison sentence of 20 years; possible life sentence. 181 Million in aid.

Yemen — Imprisonment up to seven years, whipping with 100 lashes, or death by stoning, depending on gender and circumstances. 18 million in aid.

Why do we give money to these murderous states? It gains us nothing.