Sweden: Gallerist threatened with murder by Muslims after Vilks exhibition

The gallery Rönnquist & Quist, who held the opening of artist Lars Vilks exhibit with his paintings on December 7, states that he has hidden the name of both the apartment door and gate, (which also has access code) on the mailbox. “Yet the Islamists found me anyway,” says gallery owner to Exponerat.

This they did probably through the apartment number on the door, which as shown at left was sprayed with the word “Allah” [in Arabic]. The gallerist also told Exponerat that he first became very scared, frightened and sad and distressed when he works only to survive.

“But the initial fear subsided after a while, and this strengthens me in my struggle for freedom of expression and makes things positive. They think they can break me, but they cannot. And Vilks will be exhibiting in Malmö again in May with me,” continued the gallerist to Exponerat.

“We will not stop until there is a rondellhund in every Swedish home,” said Lars Vilks together with gallerist.

The gallery not only had the front door sprayed with the word “Allah”. In addition, Muslims placed seven stones in his mailbox, which in Islam signifies death penalty. This is now possible in the once safe Sweden, where you did not even have to lock your door.

The seven stones.

The gallery is to be commended for their struggle. Hats off.

Update: The seven stones, mean “bedau”, which is a curse, a “mini-fatwa” on him.

The gallery also told Exponerat that they have reported the matter to the police and he has received a panic alarm. He also has confidence in the police who have helped him fully in the case.

A Lars Vilks painting. It is called a rondellhund.

“We will fight together, Lars Vilks and I, and we will have many more shows, both here and outside Sweden,” says gallery owner on the phone to Exponerat on Saturday night.

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