Berlin: Oranienplatz refugees bite policemen because of ticket inspection

At the scene of a [routine] ticket inspection a conflict between refugees from the Kreuzberg camp on Oranienplatz and BVG [Berlin Transport Company] employees got out of control. Inspectors and BVG employees were beaten on Friday morning in the Hermann Platz Underground Station in Neukölln and bitten, police said. There is not an official confirmation from the authorities that the group belongs to the refugees in the camp.

The police spoke of a group of at least six. The subway traffic had to be temporarily interrupted because a 41-year-old man was on the tracks. Police officers summoned were also attacked according to the authorities. A 41-year-old and a 25-year-old, who is said to have bitten a policeman, face charges of grievous bodily harm.

According to information of the BVG inspectors the refugees had either no tickets or invalid tickets. When the persons accused [of not having a valid ticket] did not want to get off the subway, security guards had tried to pull them off the train. Then they called the police.

In a video on the internet a greater police presence on the platform can be seen. A man is surrounded by officers on the ground while another is carried away. The police said 20 officials were present.