A harrowing insight into female genital mutilation by author Ruth Rendell

“When I came into the House of Lords as a life peer I heard about the first law, the one enacted in 1985, which made FGM a crime.
There had been no prosecutions but still we went ahead with a new law which I took through the House and which made it an offence to take a girl or woman out of the UK to have her mutilated abroad.
This became the Female Genital Mutilation Act which superseded the previous one and made carrying out mutilation punishable by a maximum of 14 years’ imprisonment.
This was in 2003 and I remember how we who had worked for it and supported it were sure it would have the desired effect because we trusted that a prosecution would soon follow.
A single prosecution, we thought, would have a deterrent effect.
But nothing has happened. Ten years and more have gone by and there have been no prosecutions.
h/t Sister Toldjah