UK: Terror suspects to remain anonymous despite controls on them lifted

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed fled his TPIM controls last year after disguising himself ina burka

Britain’s most dangerous terror suspects who are being freed from strict court controls will be allowed to live anonymously in communities – to protect their human rights.

Seven Islamist fanatics, including two allegedly linked to the 2006 plot to blow up transatlantic airliners, will have lifetime anonymity when restrictions on their activities expire next week.

It means the public cannot be told who they are or where they are living even though the men, considered a threat to national security, will be free to walk the streets with impunity and associate with whoever they wish.

The men have all been subject to terrorism prevention and investigation measures (TPIMs), which replaced controls orders and were designed to restrict their activities.

But a two year time limit on the orders expires this month and the Government is powerless to stop the restrictions on the suspects’ movements being lifted.