UK: The violent gang leader we can’t deport is freed to walk the streets

A violent gang “general” who police believe poses a serious threat to the public is back on the streets after attempts to have him deported ended in failure.

Joland Giwa, 24, who once led the notorious Don’t Say Nothing gang in south London, has been freed from an immigration centre after a judge ruled it was likely to be unlawful to keep him behind bars any longer.

Giwa, who claims he is from Sierra Leone, had been in immigration detention for more than four years after completing a 27 month jail term for two robberies.

Home Office attempts to prove whether he was from Sierra Leone or another African nation ended in stalemate – partly because linguistic experts were unable to confirm his real nationality due to his strong south London accent.

He is understood to have been living for the past few days in a bail hostel in Wales after being released.

Home Office officials insisted Giwa’s movements would be closely monitored and they will carry on the legal fight to have him deported.

A Home Office spokeswoman said: “We vigorously opposed this individual’s application for bail and we are very disappointed by the court’s decision.