Kim Dong Wynne Confused Says Ford

Mayor Rob Ford on Premier Kathleen Wynne’s rejection: She’s ‘confused’

And you thought the ice storm was cold. The relationship between Mayor Rob Ford and Premier Kathleen Wynne got even frostier on Wednesday when the premier flatly refused the mayor’s request to meet about the cost of the ice storm. And in response, a “disappointed” Ford questioned whether the premier is “confused” about who is the city’s elected mayor before offering to settle for a one-minute phone call. Ford publicly requested an “urgent” one-on-one meeting with Wynne about the ice-storm costs on Tuesday.

Wynne should stop ‘silly game’ with Ford: Hudak

“I think we all have to start acting like adults here on a very serious situation,” Hudak said Wednesday. “The province has to take the bull by the horns — meet with the mayors, including the mayor of Toronto — and figure out how we’re going to solve this problem.

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