Are leftists an angry group?

I came upon this whilst rummaging about the Interwebs. It is about sexism, but the second paragraph below caught my attention:

Internalized sexism is when internally a female (or male) subconsciously or consciously become sexist based on social or cultural surroundings that eventually effect their inner conscience…

I am guilty of internalized sexism. As much as I would like to pretend that my inner self is completely non-judgmental, kind, pro-self, pro-others and pro-everything, I am not like that. I often am fuelled from rage about a cause or situation. I am filled with hurtful anger. Trust me, I am working against this, but it takes time and practice. However, there was once a point where I had no desire to stop my anger. In fact, I thought that’s what made me passionate. Which for many people, yes, anger does create passion, yet, what is a more useful tool is peaceful passion. A passion that is created based off of education, ethics and calm discussion(s).

Passion. Anger. Rage. Are these leftist traits? Is this why they expend so much energy trying to change everything?