“Multiculturalism has become the new white man’s burden”

Multiculturalism will eat itself

“…During the heyday of multiculturalism the South Asian Muslim community in Europe, US and Canada treated it as a licence to retreat into a myopic mode and shun integration. Some other Asian communities like the Chinese and the Koreans for example, can also be accused of the same, but they did not do what the South Asian Muslims did.

In the last many years one keeps reading about how mosques in some prominent European countries are being used to entice the young Muslim diaspora to attack symbols of moral corruption, sin and vulgarity in the very countries where this diaspora was allowed to settle and earn its livelihood.

Liberal and secular principles ingrained in the adopted countries’ socio-political set up are being challenged and even attempted to be brought in line with the agitated diaspora’s idea of morality.”

h/t Dr. J