Canada Gave 1 Billion In Foreign Aid To Muslim Nations That Persecute Christians In A Single Year

$1,033,744,550.99. That’s the amount of money given by our government to 30 Muslims nations that rank among the top 50 Islamic states engaged in the persecution of Christians. That 1 Billion is the give-away for 1 year only, fiscal 2011 to 2012 (April 1 to March 31), and is the most recent data available. Source – Statistical Report on International Assistance — by Country Spending Additional data is available for preceding years and it tells a similar story.

Who benefited from your generosity? Pakistan 72 Million, Iran, nearly 2 million, Sudan & South Sudan 82 Million, Egypt – and this was under Morsi’s reign – 9 Million, Somalia 82 Million and second only to North Korea on the Top 50 listing , Libya 14 Million.  All of these nations have been rated “Extreme” for their persecution of Christians by Open Doors “World Watch List”.

Of the Top 50 Christian persecuting nations, 37 are Muslim states. The government gives your money to 30 of them. Think about what a Billion dollars could buy – here at home, where it belongs. It didn’t buy us any goodwill in the Muslim world, and it certainly hasn’t done anything to improve the plight of persecuted Christians.

This isn’t foreign aid, it’s White Liberal Guilt Tribute paid with your money to Islamist supremacist states whose “religion of peace” is anything but. Your money is being squandered to prop up Islamic failed states.

Think about that.

Canadian Foreign Aid To Muslim Nations