It’s entirely possible Student Y is an Orthodox Jew or far right Christian or, I don’t know, a dingbat woman-hating cult adherent.

A far right Christian? Even when Rosie DiManno gets it right, as she mostly does in today’s column on York U’s Sharia Law segregation endorsement, she can’t, in true Star fashion, resist  slagging Christians with that tired old far right slur. And let’s be real here, had a Christian made such a request it would never have been entertained.

I wonder if Rosie would have written “Far Right Jew” or “Far Right Muslim?
Incidentally, Sharia Whore Kim Dong Wynne’s government endorses York U’s conversion to Islam.

“A spokesperson for Ontario’s Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities supported York’s handling of the issue, saying the school “took the right steps in consulting with the human rights department, the student, and other faculty in coming to their final decision.