Germany: Churches rely on guards

Arabic graffiti sprayed on church doors

At the present time, it has become difficult in Germany for a Christian to pray or simply to pause in busy everyday life to find a church, which is actually open. It is usually only the major tourist attractions such as Dome and other important churches, which are ever open all day. Praying, however, there is difficult because the noise the tourists but can be very disturbing.

The closed church doors are because of, among others things, fear of vandalism. Walls are frequently sprayed with graffiti, art objects stolen or damaged, altars soiled and desecrated, organ pipes stolen for the sake of a few euros at the scrap dealer. There is also a fear of fire.

Sign reads, “The church must be kept closed due to vandalism”

Some suffering congregations are now relying on volunteer guards. So believers are able to visit the church at fixed opening times.

We can not imagine such conditions prevailing at mosques. [In the event of vandalism] there would be an immediate call for state protection and visits by SPD [Socialist Party] leaders.

The Christians must look to themselves to cope with the problem, because even burned churches, such as in Garbsen provide no significant attention.

The equal treatment of all religions in Germany always demanded by the Linksguten [the “good left”, meant sarcastically] applies to all – except for Christians, and so it is perhaps only a matter of time before the Christians are also a persecuted minority.

* * *
Indeed, the left is usually actively hostile to both practising Christians and Jews and hopes for nothing more than for these religions to disappear. The Muslims agree enthusiastically. It seems — at least for Christians — the process is well in hand in Germany.

This is a look into the future. It is our future.

Don’t think the Muslims are not watching carefully. The Turkish World Bulletin (very Islamist) carried the story “British Muslims set to become 10% of population” the same day is appeared in the English press.

This is our future. More and more Muslims because of their high birth rate, even if immigration stopped tomorrow, which of course it won’t.