Provocative uniform from Chilean Football League

The new uniform of the Santiago based Club Deportivo Palestino (CD Deportivo) is the “1” in the shape of the area that includes both Israel and Palestine. The Jewish community of Chile is offended: the Jersey carries an anti-Israel message, suggesting the entire territory was Palestinian.

They have asked the Chilean football association to ban the jersey and asked the FIFA. “This act of  complacency by the Club Deportivo Palestino heads is an insult to the entire Jewish community in Chile. This is unprecedented,” tweeted Gabriel Zaliasnik, former President of the Chilean Jewish community (CJC). He believes the jersey is an incitement to violence and hatred, and that it also infringes the rules of FIFA.

Chile’s Palestinian Association does not a problem in the design of the jersey. They support the action of the Club: “We reject the hypocrisy of those who have a problem with this map”, they wrote in a statement. Deportivo Palestino and its symbols have existed in Chile since 1920, “28 years before the State of Israel was founded.”

Chile is home to the largest Palestinian [migrant] community in the world, about 350,000 immigrants and their descendants live in the South American country. In 2011, the Chilean Government officially recognized the independence of the State of Palestine.

Note: edited machine translate from German.