Denmark: Immigrant boys are under pressure from society and their parents

In an essay complaining about the difficulties of being an immigrant in Denmark (you have wonder why they keep going there, really, if it is so bad. I hope this gets the publicity it deserves in Afghanistan as he makes it sound really awful to be an Afghani in Denmark) the following item stood out: according to him, 55% of immigrant children are functional illiterates when they leave school.

He concludes, after saying immigrant girls have it much easier:

The race is over for my generation. We can’t be saved. The majority of us have a poor education or none at all. We are going to take the few unskilled jobs that are available, but it seems more likely that we are going to live off public benefits.

But to save the next generation, society needs to change its view of us so that we are not always seen as an external element in an otherwise harmonious society.