‘Bullied’ transgender boy, Jewelyes “Hulk Smash” Gutierrez charged with assault for hitting girl at school

HERCULES, CA, January 9, 2014 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A transgender high school student, who became a social media hero as an alleged victim of “bullying,” has been charged with misdemeanor battery for attacking a girl.

Jewelyes Gutierrez, a sophomore, slapped a teenage girl in the face at Hercules High School in the Bay-area city of Hercules last November 15. Two other girls came to the aid of the girl slapped by Gutierrez, who is a biological male. They briefly pulled the boy’s hair before he ran off.

“I don’t understand quite why the District Attorney’s office would prosecute someone who’s already been a victim of bullying,” said Kaylie Simon, Gutierrez’s lawyer.

But Hercules police documents show that Gutierrez admitted starting the fight.

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