Just what the UK needs: another hate crime site

The Disability Hate Crime Network is a large, award winning, ever growing group of UK disabled people, user lead disabled peoples organisations, charities and a range of official and non-official bodies including Police and CPS representatives who work together challenging actual hate crime against UK disabled people.

Our website will offer updates and the ability to share good and bad practice relating to disability hate crime, reporting centres and case outcomes so we recommend that you sign up to receive the free news updates. The link is on the right hand side of this page.

When he was Director of Public Prosecutions, Sir Ken McDonald stated that ‘disability hate crime was a scar on the conscience of the criminal justice system’ and internal work by the Crown Prosecution Service, and then by the Association of Chief Police Officers under the hand of Chief Constable Simon Cole, underpinned by work by the Equality and Human Rights Commission under the lead of Mike Smith by producing the report ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ in 2011 has gone some way to create a change in mind set.

No, I am not the type of person who would make fun of people over disabilities–or anything else, for that matter. But this relentless drive to criminalize thought bothers me.