Idle No More Unmasked Part III: Let’s Follow The Money!

“What do Your Humble Narrator, Clayton Thomas-Muller, Eriel Deranger, Brigette DePape, Judy Rebick, Van Jones, Chelsea Flook, David Eby and David Suzuki all have in common? They’ve all stayed at Hollyhock, a TIDES funded new age resort (with plenty of plastic shaman) in Cortes Island BC. All but the former attended Hollyhock’s Social Change Institute, Your Humble Narrator infiltrated Hollyhock for the entire month of January 2012 as part of his investigation into the influences of foreign foundations.

Hollyhock was founded by Rex Weyler, a self-proclaimed co-founder of Greenpeace International (which has been contested). Weyler, along with Joel Solomon’s sister Linda (editor of the Vancouver Observer) both hold the distinction of claiming to have been Pulitzer nominees (but they aren’t).”