First Romanian to enter UK under new EU rules attacked ex girlfriend

Victor Spirescu met MP Keith Vaz at Luton airport

A Romanian afforded a VIP welcome when he was one of the first to arrive in the UK after changes to immigration rules has admitted assaulting a former girlfriend but insists he is now a reformed character.

Victor Spirescu became a minor celebrity when he landed at Luton Airport on Jan 1 hours after labour restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians were lifted. To his bewilderment, the 29 year-old was greeted by Keith Vaz, the Labour MP and chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, and Mark Reckless, a Conservative MP.

Spirescu said he already had work lined up washing cars in London. “I don’t come to rob your country,” he said. “I come to work and then go home.”

However, it has emerged that in 2011, Mr Spirescu was given a 35-day suspended jail sentence and fined £600 after being convicted of attacking a former girlfriend.

The Sun reported that he was ordered to pay his victim’s £400 medical bills after he punched her and threatened to drown her in a lake in January 2010.

Mr Spirescu admitted attacking the woman, now 26, but said he had turned his life around. “It was the true story,” he said yesterday. “But it’s all in my past. It was four years ago. My life has changed. I am much better now because I changed my life, I went to another village.”