Where are the other replica security walls?

Fencing between Saudi Arabia and Yemen

An Anglican church together with some would-be ‘fashionable yet politically aware’ types, unveiled an installation in London’s city center last week, a mock-up of the walled part of Israel’s security barrier — and invited members of the public to write what the organizers presumably anticipated would be anti-‘Zionist’, anti-Israel graffiti on it. The wall is the main attraction of the church’s ideologically poisoned Christmastime festival “Bethlehem Unwrapped,” which runs until January 5, 2014.

Anyone who travels to see this exercise might also like to take along the information below: a lengthy (though probably incomplete) list of security walls, barriers, and fences around the world, most of them maintained to prevent terrorism, amongst other rampant evils, yet none of them obsessively given attention by media outlets and by celebrity demagogues like Jeremy Hardy and Mark Steel.

Kurds protest a new border fence between Turkey and Syria

There appear to be no replicas in London of these 50+ other walls or barriers, which nevertheless, according to St. James’s Church website ‘…divide and confine peoples, restricting free movement and dominating the imagination of those who live behind them.’ (The remainder of the paragraph sounds like a parody of Roger Waters himself: ‘We believe that bridges not walls are the only lasting foundation for peace. …We join with people of all faiths in praying for the day when the Wall will come down.’)

Saudi Arabia, for example, is almost entirely walled in (all seven of its land borders and two of its three coastlines) and nobody bats an eyelid. The Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and France incorporates a range of security measures that includes surveillance, electrified fencing, and a permanent military presence on its French site, in order to root out potential terrorists, smugglers, and illegal immigrants; no-one is suggesting that such measures are anything apart from plain common sense. (List of security walls around the world at link).