TDSB 404 Error

I always find amusement on the TDSB’s web site, even a cursory search provides a window into their progressive madness. This is cute, a web site for a Grade 4 students Social Studies section on the medieval era contains a link for this topic of classroom discussion:

Resulting in a 404 error.

Now riddle me this. Would the TDSB ever offer a course segment on “Christianity – its accomplishments”. This is a grade 11 history course outline.

Here’s a fun course! Shadow Puppets! “Students often interpret medieval times as taking place only in Europe. A timeline of medieval life in Asia, the Islamic world, Africa…” So what would happen if a kid wanted to make a Muhammad Shadow Puppet? Would the TDSB execute them for Blasphemy? I would definitely encourage parents to have their child craft a Muhammad look-alike.