Swiss Bolster Military – Prep For Day EU Collapses & Muslims Go Bananas

Switzerland has formed four new military battalions and is poised to deploy its troops along its borders to anticipate social unrest that could result from the collapse of the Eurozone.

Although it is one of the most stable and economically strong nations of our world – and primarily for refusing to adopt the euro – Switzerland is preparing to mobilize its troops in case overflows in Europe came to achieve its borders.

“The minister Mauer, accompanied by Chief of the Armed Switzerland, tries to explain to his people that the European political and fiscal crisis could take a rather unpleasant extent,” writes John R. Schindler, professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College.

“The exercises conducted by the Swiss military in September, nicknamed” STABILO DUE “, were based on the possibility of a European instability become out-of-control – something that today rejoice wealthy Swiss and if there is one thing they do not want is that Europe’s problems are beyond their small country so peaceful. “

Mauer is concerned about the current European military concentration, the lowest since the Cold War. For him, it is an open insurrections and racial wars door.

Schindler notes that if the anger of Muslims had to go up a notch compared to the rage that had led to the YouTube video insulting the Prophet Muhammad, immigrants from European countries could rise.

“Those responsible for the internal security of the European countries are well aware that if a new Anders Breivik came to attack Muslims, the situation could quickly spoil. It is difficult to imagine how European military forces very restricted could face major social conflicts (And do not ask for help from Uncle Sam, the last thing the Pentagon wants is to be engaged in a riot Action -. especially if it is to stifle a Muslim uprising – or whatever in Europe).”