I know Asperger’s doesn’t exist anymore or something*, but Richard Dawkins totally has it.

“People really, really hate their religion being criticized. It’s as though you’ve said they had an ugly face, they seem to identify personally with it.”

Odd how he stumbled across that, minding his own business. Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster, why did you have to take Hitch instead of this shrill weirdo?
And since we’re all into Camille Paglia now: “On other matters, I was recently flicking my car radio dial and heard an affected British voice tinkling out on NPR. I assumed it was some fussy, gossipy opera expert fresh from London. To my astonishment, it was Richard Dawkins… I had never heard him speak, so it was a revelation. On science, Dawkins was spot on — lively and nimble. But on religion, his voice went “Psycho” weird (yes, Alfred Hitchcock) — as if he was channeling some old woman with whom he was in love-hate combat…” 

Oddly, this has always been my experience reading Dawkins. His writing on biology is elegant and lucid. His writing on religion is rage-sputtering and nearly impossible to digest.