Weird Happy New Year’s card from the King of Thailand: but it’s the thought that counts

His Majesty the King Tuesday night delivered a self-made New Year postcard, and addressed the general public in a televised announcement, in which he wishes for happiness, success and prosperity to the Thai people, and peace to the country.

“You all please well take care of your physical and mental health so that you can fully perform your duty.

“More importantly, whatever you do, please think of the interest for the general public and Thainess.

“Then the country’s work can go smoothly and achieve the happiness, prosperity and the peace as you wish,” His Majesty said.

Thailand is a largely Buddhist country, with a New Year’s traditionally held April 13-15. But I have noticed that all the Far East Asian countries–China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea–have had huge fireworks ceremonies. Well, you can always celebrate twice! (South Korea does have a substantial Christian population too).

The dog is a nice addition but what is he wearing?