UK: Can a black man be racist towards another black man?

“Lollipop men” hold the stop sign at road crossings for school children

A London council has suspended a popular lollipop man over allegations of racial abuse.

Jon Seymour, a road crossing safety official at Carlton Primary School, in Grafton Road, Kentish Town, north London, was suspended by Camden Council after he allegedly called a black member of staff “King Kong” during an argument.

The Trinidadian-born employee is suspended on full pay while he awaits a decision from the council about the incident. Seymour, who has been working in the school since 1994 and was awarded for his efforts in 2004, denies being racist but admits using the name.

He told Ham & High: “I wanted to say something to him because he was being rude to me. I said, ‘You are angry like King Kong.’ It wasn’t racist.

“How can a black man be racist to another black man? It doesn’t make sense.”

A council spokesman said: “These matters are confidential and we are not in a position to share any further information.”

Seymour has been receiving support from parents.