Methodist Texas Wesleyan University creates Islamic prayer room facing Ka’ba shrine in Mecca

Sharia has invaded all aspects of American life. It has crept in like a slow moving fog, and clouded the vision of anyone who has eyes to see. Texas Wesleyan University in Ft. Worth, a Methodist affiliated university, has fully submitted to sharia.

Under the guise of “interfaith” outreach, the University has created an Islamic specific prayer room facing the Ka’ba Shrine in Mecca. There is nothing interfaith about this prayer room.

The word “interfaith” is a lie, and would allow anyone to think that the room would be open to all students, including Christians. Never does “interfaith” mean anything but non-Christian activities, namely New Age practices.

Today, the word “interfaith” can be directly translated to mean Islam, with full sharia compliance.

“Politically correct” article on the prayer room from university newspaper here.