Syrian refugees flooding into Bulgaria not happy with conditions

From this report at Deutsche Welle, it does not sound like much fun, but the refugees sound a tad ungrateful to me:

“Not even one in a thousand will want to stay here,” said Abu Kemal, a Syrian restaurateur who has lived in Sofia since the early 1990s and has been helping the new arrivals. “They’re going to Europe because they see a better quality of life.”

“All my family in Germany and Sweden [told] me go to Europe,” he said. “[But] people in Bulgaria don’t have work. Why [would] people in Syria come [here] to work? [Everyone] in Bulgaria [is] going to Germany and Sweden [to] work. [There’s] no money here!”

The new arrivals say they are glad to have escaped the horrors of Syria but are worried about their future. Their children, they say, receive no health care and families are living on charity.

It’s this charity that’s making the difference. As [the refugees] mill around the gate, a sedan pulls up with its backseat and boot full of food staples. Stoyko Sinapov, a 31-year-old professional from a nearby factory, calls out in English for help unloading a load of flour, sugar, toilet paper and a large sack of potatoes. See also here