Why should we bear the cost of our Mosaic of Diversity?

Multicultural Australia: Teenagers placed on Airport Watch Lists to prevent Forced Marriages

Multicultural Britain: Muslim Social Services Worker Jailed for Trying to Derail Rape-Gang Trial

Multicultural Finland: Church defaced with Islamic slogans
Multicultural Spain: Moderate Muslim Al Qaeda Offshoot Threatens Catalan Government

Multicultural Denmark: Islamists point their guns at Danish critics

My view is that the citizens of host nations should not have to foot the tab to de-Muslim Muslim immigrants or any other immigrant group that engages in forced marriage or similar examples of the diversity that now comprises our masochistic multicultural mosaic, i.e. “Honour Killings”.

Speaking of the Muslim community in general and relative to other immigrant groups, vastly disproportionate amounts of time, money and other resources have been expended by all levels of government and our security/police forces in efforts to mitigate the toxic baggage that Islamist immigration drags with it. All without evident success, thanks in large part to our own equally toxic policy of cultural suicide – Multiculturalism.

Whether it’s the threat of terrorism, barbaric customs, religious bigotry, or the general ideological belligerence to our heritage ,values, customs and system of government nurtured by and central to their cult beliefs, Muslim immigration has been a bad deal for Canadians and other host nations.

Look to Europe and their current experience, our future is unfolding there today.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) wants your help in determining 2014 immigration levels. They really do! At least that’s what their website says…