MPs call for ban on EDL march in Muslim area

MPs are demanding a ban on a march through one of London’s most multicultural areas by the far-right English Defence League.

Far-right of what? The UAF? The UAF, Unite Against Fascism, is the vaguely referenced “anti-fascist group” mentioned planning a counter-demo in the article.
The UAF is an extremist left organization, a branch of the Socialist Workers party, that has formed an unholy alliance with Islamists;
 Azad Ali, Awlaki Fan, Opponent of Democracy: Now Vice Chair of Unite Against Fascism

The EDL marches against Al Quds Day. The UAF marches in SUPPORT of Al Quds Day

“Last year the “anti-fascists” of the UAF showed up to demonstrate “solidarity” with the marchers. From “inminds”, a website that is the work of Abbas Panjwani, another man who, it seems, is comfortable with Holocaust deniers:

At the end of the march as we entered Pall Mall for the rally we were warmly greeted by a crowd of anti-fascist activists from “Unite Against Fascism” (UAF) and the Socialist Workers Party who had come to give us support against the fascists, we were truley moved! We recognised many of the faces as ardent supporters of Palestine from previous demonstrations.”

More: Unite Against Fascism and Shakeel Begg

“There is no good time to team up with Islamist extremists. There are also especially bad times to make such a foolish move. The aftermath of the terrorist murder in Woolwich is one of those times.

Yet this is exactly what the self-styled “anti-racists” of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) say they will do tomorrow in Woolwich. One of the scheduled speakers at their rally will be Shakeel Begg, who is closely associated with the Lewisham Islamic Centre.

Begg is a hate preacher with a special interest in terrorist suspects and convicts. Have a look at him here at a conference staged by Cageprisoners, the terrorist support group. Begg finds former Guantanamo inmates “inspiring” and worthy of a divine salute.”

So explain to me please what “Far Right’ means and why the media refuses to report on the well documented links between the UAF and Islamists.