I can give you one very good reason not to strike Syria’s Chemical Weapon’s capability

Iran Youth is ready to fight Jihad in Syria

Syrians warn U.S. that Al Qaeda has hijacked revolution

Let them go, let the Khomeinists and The Moderate Al Qaeda faction fight it out as long as they want.

What Is the Point of a Syrian Intervention?

“If our attitude is that Obama screwed up, but that now the least-screwed-up remedy is to attack Syria, then we are indeed in bad shape.  Of the bad and worse alternatives, the worse is attacking without specifying our aims, means, and desired results. Yet to do so would convince Obama to drop the idea.

If the objective is to weaken Assad without empowering al-Qaeda-like Islamists, then non-intervention serves that goal far better.

Putin demands US present proof of Syria chemical weapons use – Kerry says he saw it on YouTube.