Injun Bernie with another inflammatory, misleading article on natives

“Scott believed wholeheartedly in the residential-school plan for young aboriginal children, a policy Canada had adopted even before Confederation. He approached his job with the fervour of a zealot. Scott embraced the idea that removing aboriginal children from the reserve, forcibly if need be, and placing them in residential schools often many hundreds of miles from their homes was the only way, as he ominously stated, to “kill the Indian in the child,” writes Bernie

He does not bother to take into account historical context, speaking of a man, Duncan Scott, who become deputy superintendent of Indian Affairs in 1923.

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“Scott had little time or heart for medical reports landing on his desk from his own medical officer of health, Dr. Peter Bryce, who warned him consistently of the ravages tuberculosis was taking on reserves and residential schools, far greater than seen anywhere in the country,” continues our very own race baiter

He disregards the known (and still existing) much greater susceptibility of all New World natives for TB. Indeed, it now accepted among scientists and all but hard left historians that Old World diseases were largely responsible for the great die-off, that began shortly after the arrival of the Spaniards in 1492. Many of these diseases are under control by vaccination now, and for highly contagious diseases like influenza, the surviving natives have evolved old world resistance. This is not the case for the less contagious tuberculosis.

But whoever let facts get in the way of a career as a race baiter? Tag line describing Injun Bernie in this piece: Bernie M. Farber is a writer and human rights advocate. He is senior vice-president for Gemini Power Corp. working in partnership with aboriginal communities to build sustainable industry on reserves.

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