Power industry seeks ways to protect America (and Canada) from major disaster

Government and power industry leaders want to improve the country’s weak defenses against a potentially catastrophic cyber-attack on the electric grid, but disagreements persist over the best approach to ensure collaboration between the public sector and the private sector.

Years ago, power companies saw that managing grid operations via the Internet would help them cut costs and increase efficiency, so they moved towards online systems that could be accessed remotely. Although the changes have allowed the gradual modernization of the system, the increased interconnectivity has made the grid more vulnerable to attacks from computer hackers.

Note: Canada and the U.S. are on a shared grid. Earlier this week, the Syrian Electronic Army (or so they claimed to be) used phishing to get log-in information to a domain-name management site and took down The New York Times for most of Tuesday and impacted Twitter too. Just the latest in hacker attacks on media outlets.