Sweden: Afghan gang rapist acquitted and will receive compensation SEK 130,000

One of the eight Afghan men who took part in the highly publicized the gang rape of a young Swedish woman in a refugee camp in Mariannelund 2011 is in luck!

The man was acquitted although he passively participated in the gang rape and stood by and masturbated next to the woman’s face while his comrades raped her. Because of an error by the Prosecutor who had not entered the correct prosecution protocol, the man has been acquitted completely and now awarded damages of SEK 130,000 ($23,0000) for the time he was detained.

Damages as well as the man’s other expenses for accommodation and security, asylum process, etc. are for the Swedish taxpayers. The compensation is also higher than normal due to the man being an asylum seeker, said the Chancellor or Justice.

The amount should be compared with that sick pensioner Carl-Eric Cedvander was awarded after nearly being beaten and kicked to death by another bunch of Afghans on Kortedala square in Gothenburg. The damages amounted to SEK 75,000 ($11,500).

h/t Pensionrederiet al-Estoniyya