Justin Trudeau: Canada’s (Future) Pothead PM?

Kathy here, for a very busy Arnie.

Here’s my new post at PJMedia, giving their mostly American viewership the lowdown on Justin’s excellent adventure…

At an establishment conservative confab in D.C. a while back, someone asked me if Canadians could possibly be stupid enough to throw over Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper for an unaccomplished, photogenic airhead like Justin Trudeau, based solely on that particular Liberal MP’s particular arrangement of DNA molecules.

I nodded in the general direction of what I hoped was the White House and replied:

“Who’ve you got, then?”

What Americans have got in Obama is, for one thing, an unapologetic member of the “Choom Gang,” as his dope-smoking college pals dubbed themselves.

You guys went from “I didn’t inhale” to “Damn right I did” in one generation, so I doubt recent not-so-shocking revelations about Justin Trudeau’s little pot habit could keep him out of 24 Sussex Drive.