Interviews with rebel leaders: the regime play the victim card, become stronger

Syrian rebel commanders said in interviews Tuesday along the Turkish border that while the U.S. is moving toward possible air strikes on Syrian targets, Washington hasn’t delivered any weapons it has pledged to the Free Syrian Army. “If it’s a major strike, we are with it. If it is minor, it won’t matter at all,” said Col. Ahmed Hamada, a senior SMC commander based just inside Syria’s border with Turkey. “The regime might use the attacks and say: ‘we are victims.’ They could grow more powerful.” (at WSJ). See free excerpt here.

More on crazy Arab world: The Arab League has blamed Assad for the attack but does not back a retaliatory military strike.

Update: Iran says strike on Syria will lead to to a retaliatory attack on Israel fanned by “the flames of outrage.”

More: UK MPs took to Twitter today to canvass their constituents’ views about whether Britain should launch military strikes against Assad’s regime for allegedly using chemical weapons. H/t TB