Canada has no obligation to provide aid or participate in a strike against Syria

Why are the war drums beating for Assad? I want no part of the Syrian conflict, unless under very specific conditions. In fact I recommend all humanitarian aid be halted. This is not our fight, there are no gains to be had by favouring one side or the other. John Baird and even Justin’s Excellent Adventure are bleating that Assad must be punished! By whom? Baird is at least talking down the possibility of commitment to direct military involvement. I don’t know why he’s talking about it all unless the goal is to score electoral points among the Muslim demographic.

I would approve military aid to both sides, enough as is needed to prolong the conflict, forever if need be. Barring that, I would entertain a role for Canada if the West decided to World War 2 the Middle East, so long as they tossed in Pakistan for good measure. Unconditional surrender and a de-Nazification of the region would be two of the conditions under which I would accept involvement. There are no “Hearts & Minds” worth winning among a cult that offers up its own children as suicide bombers. No rules of engagement, no talk of collateral damage, just complete and total war. I could not care less for the Khomeinists or the al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood/Salafist Jihadi faction. Let them die, let them kill one another. I will lose no sleep over it.

We’re already at war, we may as well get it over with. Strictly on terms solely favourable to ourselves of course.