Dr. Phil’s ‘Drunk Sex’ Tweet

Kathy here, sitting in for a very busy Arnie — so naturally I’m posting a link to my NEW Taki’s column:

Consensus rapidly congealed: Dr. Phil’s query had been self-evidently “shocking.” Particularly on the distaff side of the Web, where mythical beasts called “rape culture” and “slut shaming” are cited with alarming regularity, the reaction was predictably hysterical.

This simultaneously makes perfect sense and none whatsoever. After all, these very same sites implicitly defend brainless, soulless “hookup culture” day in and day out via perversely pedagogical personal essays in which our youthful authoresses discover to their astonishment that when two strangers mix mind-altering chemicals and nudity, mutual rapture doesn’t necessarily result.

(These girls could have saved themselves a lot of tears and Kleenex if they’d only talked to me or some other old broad first.)