Darfur: conflict, refugees, killings continue but attention is elsewhere

Left: A village in the outskirts of Tissi in southeastern Chad for returnees from Darfur. Tissi has in 2013 received an influx of thousands of people fleeing sporadic violence in neighboring Darfur

Security conditions have been intolerable for many years now; over the past year and more, however, violence has called into serious question the viability of any substantial ongoing relief efforts in the region. Virtually no international (expatriate) staff remain in Darfur, certainly not in the field or in remote locations—either for critical assessment work or to provide oversight for aid distribution.

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Much of the violence is now beyond Khartoum’s control, as it can no longer promise seized lands as reward for military service: there is none that is unoccupied or unspoken for.

Journalists are severely restricted in Sudan, but they are in Syria too. See also here.